Category: Selling a Business

Wendy’s accused of trade mark infringement

Jaymo’s Sauces, LLC (‘Jaymo’s’), an Illinois Limited Liability Corporation with its principal place of business located in Dunlap, Illinois, has filed a complaint in the US District Court for the Central District of Illinois for damages and injunctive relief against The Wendy’s Company (‘Wendy’s’), a Delaware Corporation i.e. the famous burger chain which has its principal place of business located in Dublin, Ohio.

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Counterfeit Cartier!

This week in Philadelphia, 48 of the popular ‘love heart’ Cartier bracelets were seized as a part of a counterfeit operation in the US.

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Prick Tattoos v Prick Cactus Shop passing off dispute

A dispute arose between two business claiming the use of the word ‘Prick’ in the title of their shops. Henry Martinez is a tattoo artist and Gynelle Leon is the Director of a company called Prick me baby one more time and has a cactus and other plants shop.

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