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We have categorised our services below or if you’re unsure what you need, you can also search for a term directly.

Intellectual Property

We support businesses and individuals with various IP services, from copyright to patents and IP enforcement.

Social Media

The internet continues to develop and gain users, making it more important to become aware of social media law.

Trade marks

Our sister company Trademarkroom ® a full range of trade mark registration services from clearance searches and enforcement services.

Stay Legal

Does your website have the right terms? Privacy policy? Can your customers trust you and do you feel protected?


We have vast experience in dealing with legal disputes and are available to help you with any case, no matter the size.


We offer a variety of commercial services, from contract writing to property and business purchases.


Escrow is where a party deposits goods or money with an independent trusted third party, until the agreement is met.


Blockchain technology continuously develops, as do the legal aspects around it. We can help you with those!


We can advise on all aspects of commercial property, from sales to purchases of commercial buildings.