Counterfeit Cartier!

This week in Philadelphia, 48 of the popular ‘love heart’ Cartier bracelets were seized as a part of a counterfeit operation in the US. These bracelets have been on offer since 1969 and the range includes earrings, rings, cufflinks and necklaces. The US Customs and Border Protection seized the goods that had arrived on a shipment from Hong Kong.

On inspection it was found that 31 Cartier Rose and yellow gold bracelets and 17 Cartier white gold bracelets, all diamond encrusted. The items were seized to be further evaluated when poor packaging and low-quality jewellery was observed. Further enquiries led to the discovery that the previous shipment sent out by the consignee had also be3en seized and detained. Had these items been authentic they could have fetched up to $2 million at retail.

The import of counterfeit goods can cause huge3 retail loss which in turn damages the US economy. On top of that it also carries a threat to the health and safety of US citizens according to the CBP.

“American consumers and American businesses are the victims when these illicit counterfeit goods are bought or sold here in the US,” added Casey Durst, CBP director of field operations in Baltimore, Maryland.

It was reported last months that a number of Superbowl rings, also from Hong Kong were seized, with originals selling for up to $10,000. The CBP have reported an 8% rise in goods that infringe on IP rights since 2016. A campaign was launched last year to highlight the issue of counterfeit goods and the risks of purchasing them called Fake Goods, Real Dangers.

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