UK car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover, wins a landmark case against Jiangling Motor Corporation regarding the copy of Evoque model

The famous car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover has won a landmark court case against a Chinese company for selling a copy of the Evoque model. A Beijing court has ruled that Jiangling Motor Corporation’s Landwind X7 has five features that were directly copied from the Range Rover Evoque.

The ruling in which brought the three-year case to an end, ordered that the production of the Landwind X7 must be stopped immediately. The Chinese copy of the Evoque model costs £14,000 compared with the £40,000 Range Rover Evoque itself. Jiangling Motor Corporation will also be required to pay compensation to Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Land Rover described the ruling as a first in the global car industry. It has been known that car manufacturers have long complained of cheap replicas being made, especially in China, but have often struggled to secure legal compensation. The head of Jaguar Land Rover’s legal department, Keith Benjamin said: ‘We welcome this decision of the Beijing court, which further strengths our confidence in investing in China and in the fairness of intellectual property adjudication in the Chinese courts. This ruling is a clear sign of the law being implemented appropriately to protect consumers and uphold their rights so that they are not confused or misled, whilst protecting business investment in design and innovation’.

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