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Huawei’s Patent for Blockchain-Based System To Protect Intellectual Property Revealed

The telecom and networking giant Huawei has filed a Blockchain-based patent application which was published by China’s state Intellectual Property Office on Tuesday 6th March. Initially the Shenzhen-based company filed its patent application on the 15th August 2016. Its described as a Blockchain-based verification system for protection of intellectual property rights for digital content

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Ripple (XRP) lawsuit gains momentum

In 2016, the former CEO of Ripple, Chris Larsen made what can only be described as a critical decision. Larsen did a deal with R3, a bank consortium building its project on the blockchain, inclusive of an option for R3’s partner to buy 5 billion units of XRP for $0.0085 per unit.

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Blockchain and IPR

The price of bitcoin has crossed the $11,000 as of 5 December November 2017 and has continued to exceed. So the driving force behind Blockchain technology is here to stay and infact will change the world. Blockchain is an open ledger of information which is distributed and verified across a peer-to-peer online network. It takes advantage of the P2P network of a series of computers which provides crucially an irreversible, secure and time-stamped record of those transactions….

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