Big Brands cause a continued rise for Crypto marks in 2019

Cryptocurrency and blockchain, potentially some of the most talked about tech topics of 2017. There were murmurings that the interest had dipped but the trade mark filing figures seem to suggest otherwise.

There have been a number of crypto related trade mark filings in 2019 originating from some of the biggest brands which highlights that this is certainly not over, and it is thought will continue for a long time.

Nike, last month filed an application with the US Trade Mark Office for ‘cryptokicks’, including classes covering the creation of a ‘digital currency or digital token for use in an online community’. This application was filed on such a basis that Nike must use it in the near future or risk losing protection. They clearly think we are coming towards a rise of interest in cryptocurrency.

Nike are not the only ones, as Walmart, Mastercard and Amazon have also filed applications.

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