Vivienne Westwood sorry over copycat t shirt

One world in which copyright protection is widespread and hugely important, is the world of fashion.

Everyone is trying to be the hot brand, constantly producing new garments and styles to keep up with the trend.

With the everchanging designs on offer, fashion is certainly an area which copyright problems occur.

While you may think this mainly is in relation to cheaper brands trying to imitate the higher end products, you may be right. However, a recent case has highlighted that even the most well-known designers may not always be original.

British fashion powerhouse, Vivienne Westwood, has been forced to apologise as it was exposed to have used graphics on a t-shirt created by other designers without their permission.

In their recent show at Paris Fashion Week, the Westwood brand showed a t-shirt which contained the slogan “We do big sizes! 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL!!!! We do very small sizes!!”.

This slogan and its graphics were created by Louise Gray and Rottingdean Bazaar, whose permission was not sought before the show went ahead.

With their error being highlighted, the brand have made a post on Instagram which includes a side by side of both designs and an apology for not seeking prior approval before use.

There has been no public response as of yet from the designers but it certainly highlights that even the top brands who charge a premium for their clothing are not always original and may not do things by the book.

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