Ultra HD Blu-Ray pirate movies

Of course, there is talks of ultra-high quality pirated discs emerging from the video lovers side of things but it has been a mystery ever since how these pirated discs came into action. Three discs so far have been released but the creators are sticking to the shadows to stay out of recognition.

Some believe that the unknown leakers have cracked the AACS 2 encryption while others just believe that it was a bypass to copy and create such discs. But as the leakers remain silent the public will never know.

Ultra HD Blu-ray videos are not easy to come by with the use of pirated websites and are mostly regarded as impossible by many that use the websites or pirate the videos, as it takes too much power to keep the stream at such a high level of quality.

AACS 2 encryption has always been a last line of defence for video makers and always the toughest defence to break through for movie pirates to breach. It has always been like that but over the last months pirates have managed to storm their way in and leak UHD Blu-ray discs.

The three movies that were leaked were:

  • Smurfs 2
  • Patriots Day
  • Inferno

All leaks appear very legitimate and still a mystery and with no evidence no one has any rope to hold on to.

We can be sure though, for long the leakers stay in the shadows there will be more discs on the way.

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