Trading Standards

Our Trading Standards solicitors, Office of Fair Trading Solicitors, The Medicines Healthcare and Regulatory Authority Solicitors, Local Authority Trading Standards Departments Solicitors or the Foods Standards Agency Solicitors can offer you sound advice and guidance with a proactive approach to any situation involving these departments and organisations.

The Potential Offences

Businesses, often inadvertently, find themselves the subject of an investigation or prosecution brought by the Office of Fair Trading, The Medicines Healthcare and Regulatory Authority, Local Authority Trading Standards Departments or the Foods Standards Agency.

Potential offences can include:

  1. Copyright and Trademarks
  2. Consumer credit and Contract terms
  3. Trade descriptions (incl. misleading prices and advertising)
  4. Weights and measures
  5. Product safety (food hygiene, clothes, toys, glazing, furniture, etc)
  6. Animal Welfare

We also act as solicitors for individuals and company employees who face potential investigation or who are prosecuted and summonsed to Court.

Sound Advice and Guidance with a Proactive Approach

All businesses know how important it is to maintain high standards. At Lawdit, our specialist trading standards solicitors will give you proactive advice and guidance to help your business assess its current situation and adapt as necessary to meet the requirements of the regulations. We offer quick and concise advice and guidance in any Trading Standards legal matters, including the following aspects of your case:

  1. liabilities
  2. the defence of due diligence
  3. penalties
  4. director’s liability
  5. product recalls

We assist in dealings with the Trading Standards departments and their lawyers, from investigations and the initial interview under caution and any case which is prosecuted through the Criminal Justice system in the UK courts.

With care, proper handling and expert negotiation, many cases can often be dealt with quickly and in some instances avoiding prosecution altogether. Although we cannot promise this will happen in every instance, we will explore all the options and be determined to fight rigorously to try and deliver such an outcome.

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