Tesco recalls products in fear of Health and Safety Laws

Large supermarket chain Tesco are recalling many products of big brands in fear of health and safety concerns. Products such as Galaxy and Malteser chocolate and Quorn cocktail sausages, as well as Haggis products are being removed from the shop’s shelves. Amidst fears of customers contracting salmonella, Tesco recalled Galaxy Milk and Malteaser Teasers multipacks. Tesco published a list consisting of various meat and sweet products too. Customers have been instructed to return the products to supermarkets for a refund if they have purchased them.

No doubt in fears of being sued for selling food, knowing they could make customers ill, Tesco have followed the lead of Mars’, who also recalled products in June. Tesco have also had to recall products with misguiding labels, which may contain foods which are not mentioned on the label.

This is a wise precautionary move from Tesco, who will be hoping to avoid any law suits which could damage the company’s reputation. This is in wake of the 2013 horse meat scandal, in which Tesco failed to tell customers that their beef burgers consisted of 29% horse meat.

This shocked and outraged customers, which is not what Tesco needs at a time when shoppers are reportedly already heading towards cheaper supermarkets. Recent reports have recorded a higher share for German supermarket chain Lidl, and lower share for higher priced supermarkets, such as Waitrose.

In order to remain competitive in this economy, Tesco must retain a clean reputation. Here’s hoping it can maintain one.

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