Target becomes the target of a Unilever skin care claim

Target has come under fire yet again for an IP matter, as Unilever claim they are selling unauthorised versions of their products.

Unilever, who own the Dermalogica brand, have claimed that Target have bypassed the authorised sellers’ rule of the brand, and have been selling products not obtaining from a legitimate source.

Unilever state that they go to great lengths to check the quality of the products and therefore only sell to authorised sellers or to customers directly.

The products Target have been selling have not come from an authorised seller. In addition to this, some of the goods are missing the authenticity label and have been replaced with another logo, to prevent the goods being tracked.

On top of this, Dermalogica are claiming that Target are also using their trade marks and branding in such a way which mimics Dermalogica’s branding, therefore confusing customers into believing the products are from a legitimate source.

Dermalogica are seeking damages, costs and an order to prevent Target continuing their ‘infringement and unlawful practices’.

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