Spotify v Apple: Antitrust complaint filed

Music streaming giant Spotify has filed a claim against Apple, which states that Apple’s App store rules ‘limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user’.

Spotify go on further to state that Apple’s demand of 30% cut of all subscriptions paid through apps on the App Store, is making its offering unstainable.

Seeing as Apple have Apple Music which is a direct competitor of Spotify, Spotify claim this is giving them an unfair advantage.

The claim has been filed to the European Commission who will consider if Apple have an unfair advantage over its competition.

Apple’s ownership of the IOS platform and the App store certainly put them in a tricky position, especially as there is no doubt, they are a big player in the market.

This claim, if successful, could have the potential to hit Apple hard.

Spotify have published this issue widely with blog posts and a PR campaign called ‘Time to Play Fair’ which gives details of Apple’s unfair practises.

Apple are yet to respond to the matter, but it won’t be long until the dispute really starts when Apple’s arguments back are filed.

Watch this space as the drama unfolds.

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