Sabrina series saga settled between Netflix and Satanic Temple

As previously reported on the Reading Room, The Satanic Temple filed a claim against Netflix and Warner Bros over their new Sabrina series.

Within the series, there was a statute which featured in four episodes.

The Temple claimed this was copied from their statue of the goat deity Baphomet.

The claim did not go too far in the legal process as the parties have come to an ‘amicable’ settlement for a whooping $50 million.

Netflix and Warner Bros have not made any statements on the matter but there has been a statement from the Temple’s founder and a statement from the Temple themselves.

The founder Lucien Greaves stated that he felt the case had been over publicised and he also criticised those members of the public who had waded in on the dispute and started a ‘parade of stupidity from online amateur legal experts’.

In the Temple’s statement, they confirmed that a settlement had been agreed and that the majority of which is to be kept confidential.

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