New Apple patent suggests iMac could adjust its height and rotate automatically. (2/2)

Furthermore, a webcam could also be present in order to enable face recognition  of users known to the system. This  could still prompt the original user to be questioned whether they allow for the ergonomic settings to change and match the second user’s profile. There isn’t only an option for change in the display. The approved patent holds references to “keyboard modification settings” and “chair and desk modification settings”.

Apple file a large number of patents with the USPTO on a weekly basis, and although many are usually granted, it cannot be guaranteed the product on the patent will definitely be produced or released by the company. Apple have previously filed patents in relation to ergonomics and other unique designs such as a single glass sheet iMac and a bendable MacBook, made of a single piece of material.

Apple’s patents and designs demonstrate continuous evolvement of features to ensure a user does as little as possible. However, it will be interesting to assess consumer response to these products, if released, as many loyal customers would be keen to buy the product on the release date, while others may see the ergonomic features as unnecessary, as the adjustment of a monitor is not a time-consuming task. Either way, all Apple products are a hit and usually do not disappoint.

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