New Apple patent suggests iMac could adjust its height and rotate automatically.(1/2)

Apple were recently granted a “Ergonomic Adjustments” patent, by the USPTO, which has led to speculations that the future device may be able to automatically change its display orientation as well as height of the screen depending on the user which has logged into it. This is all in aim to make the device more ergonomic, allowing for a more efficient and comfortable work environment for the user. Many other ways have previously been explored to prevent any health risks, as a result of long-term computer use, including adjustable seating and standing desks, however Apple appear eager to make a bigger change.

Although most computing displays can be adjusted manually to fit the user, the set up may not be ideal for another person’s preferences. The patent suggests that with the potential future iMac, a user would only need to login to the computer and the device will proceed to adjust itself according to the file which was first adapted by the user. It is not only the height or orientation which will be suited to the person’s needs but also other elements such as brightness and contrast of the screen.

This would not be an Apple patent if there was no inclusion of a user-protection aspect. As per the patent, the iMac will be set to assess the seating level and position of the user and if the device suspects the user is not the one logged in, it will send a message to the intended person with a warning or perhaps permission approval message.

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