It turn’s out Lizzo might not be 100% that B****: Claim of plagiarism against Lizzo

Lizzo has had a phenomenal year worldwide with the release of the song ‘Truth Hurts’. It has become an anthem of empowerment for any woman who has experienced a break-up with a partner who could not see their worth. The iconic line “I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that b****” has become a viral sensation everywhere. This has made it a huge movie sensation, with directors featuring it in rom-coms and chick-flicks such as in Netflix’s movie ‘Someone Great’.

However, the US singer and rapper has been accused on social media by the UK music artist Mina Lioness of plagiarising her work. Mina Lioness claims that she posted the iconic line on social media prior to Lizzo creating the song in 2017. As Lizzo had admitted that her song ‘Truth Hurts’ was inspired by a meme (a piece of activity, concept or catchphrase that garners attention and captions on the internet) she saw, Mina Lioness cannot fathom why the US starlet has not credited her with the origin of the work.

Mina Lioness started to become more vocal about her accusation when Lizzo’s team had attempted to trade mark the phrase “100% that b****” in order to sale and promote various items of merchandise. Unfortunately, Mina Lioness does not have the financial means to file a lawsuit against Lizzo and has taken to social media to express her dismay at the situation. The use of social media for individuals that do not have the means to engage in intellectual property litigation, but seek out popular opinion in order to place pressure on the other party ‘to do the right thing’ is something that is becoming common when one party is famous and reputable worldwide. However, this may have its issues, as Lizzo could potentially file a claim against Mina Lioness if the claim is proved to be unfounded and social media backlash starts to affect her brand.

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