Fake Car Parts on the Rise

New guidance has been issued as part of a cross-government and industry campaign by the intellectual property office (IPO). The idea is to highlight the serious issue of fake car parts to consumers.

It has been estimated by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) that up to 2 billion euros or more is lost every year due to items such as counterfeit batteries and tyres alone. With the number of fake vehicle parts rising considerably.

Worldwide there are a number of common fake parts which include filters, brake pads, lights, wheel rims and air bags. These parts can have serious implications which directly affect the safety, because if they fail it could lead to serious accidents.

It is very difficult to spot a fake in some circumstances and to overcome the problem trading platforms, parts of the government, members of the auto industry and the IPO have joined together to launch a campaign warning people of these dangers. This has in turn led to new guidance to warn consumers how to avoid purchasing fake parts whether it be online or on the high street.

This type of crime is dealt with by a department within the City of London Police, the PIPCU. They have had a recent conviction surrounding fakie airbags where the defendant was sentenced under Section 92 of the Trade Marks Act.

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