Facebook v Blackberry: another tech patent war continues

Social media platform Facebook have faced up against Blackberry arguing that they have infringed a number of patents relating to several inventions.

Filed in the US, Facebook claim Blackberry have infringed 6 US patents, which covers thing such as instant voice messaging, personalised multimedia services and a GPS management system.

The figures Facebook have attached to these inventions are eye wateringly high, with the claim stating that the research and development fees in 2017 for these patents were $7.75 billion.

The claim states that these technologies have been incorporated into Blackberry’s services including their BBM Enterprise instant messaging service.

For the damage that Facebook has stated this will continue to cause, they are claiming damages and costs, a figure not specified but will definitely be a high one.

This is not the first time these companies have clashed over patents with a flip side claim filed earlier this year by Blackberry.

This may be another Apple v Samsung saga developing: only time will tell!

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