Consumer protection and consumer rights

The CRA is expected to make consumer law clearer and easier to understand. This ought to mean that consumers can buy and businesses can sell with confidence and when problems arise, disputes be sorted out more quickly and cheaply.

The CMA today reported from its news release.Â

“Regulatory interventions designed to simplify prices, such as the ‘four-tariff rule’, are not having the desired effect of increasing engagement, and have limited discounting and reduced competition. Instead the CMA proposes that the regulatory approach to the retail market should be based on clear principles that allow the benefits of competition to be gained and promote measures, such as smart meters, that will increase engagement, while specifically targeting disengaged consumers to prompt them to shop around. Alongside this, the CMA will also be considering whether safeguards such as a transitional price cap on the most expensive tariffs are needed to protect customers until other measures have led to a more competitive market”.

But will the CRA help in any way?Â

Well its supposed to! According to the governement’s own website it says under the heading ‘ Community buying’Â

“Consumers can combine their buying power to buy goods and services together. This can get them better deals. The government is supporting community buying in several ways, by:

The guide to community buying can be found here

Are the energy companies using unfair contractual terms if so they will not be binding on a consumer.Â

Any ideas welcome !

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