Category: Defamation

Lachaux v Independent Print, defamation and the serious harm test

Next week, 13th and 14th November to be exact, the Supreme Court will hear the case of Lachaux (Respondent) v Independent Print Limited and another (Appellants) UKSC 2017/0175. The case is an appeal by Independent Print Limited from the decision at first instance as the Court of Appeal decided not to grant permission to appeal and upheld the decision.

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Johnny Depp is suing the Sun for defamation

Johnny Depp needs no introduction, the American actor, producer and musician has won the Golden Globe Award and been nominated for three Academy Awards, and now, another achievement – suing the Sun newspaper

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Defamation, Corbyn and Mohammed Kozbar

It was reported this week that the Sunday Telegraph paid “substantial damages” to the general secretary of Finsbury Park mosque after the paper had falsely portrayed Mr Kozbar as a supporter of a violent lslamist extremist. Its end game apparently was not only to smear Mr Kozbar but to link him to the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

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