Be aware! Rise in fake pharmaceuticals during pandemic

As with many scenarios in life, counterfeiters and scammers will always jump on any bandwagon to make a gain.

The current pandemic has seen a rise in scammers tricking vulnerable people to give money to fake charities or on the promise they will receive much needed protective equipment that never materialises.

The latest scam warning highlights that counterfeiters will stop at nothing to make money. Europol, the European Union agency for Law Enforcement has released a stark warning to be vigilant when it comes to pharmaceutical products.

With many legitimate medical sources, such as pharmacies, under pressure to support our hospitals and care facilities, this leaves the supplies for the general public short.

The counterfeiters have tried to monopolise on this and have been advertising coronavirus sprays and medical products online for vulnerable and desperate people to buy. This includes fake masks and protective equipment.

Europol have released a warning as to the legitimacy of these products and a reminder that if something looks to good to be true, then it normally is. Counterfeit products are not made with the correct materials and ingredients and do not comply with the safety requirements. These products can be dangerous and can cause more problems than you have before hand.

Even in this difficult time, its important that you keep aware and only buy products from legitimate sources.

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