Apple wins the battle with Samsung at long last!

The dispute is a 21st century Jarndyce v Jarndyce, (in the sense that it has gone on for an age not in the sense that the two protagonists are broke as a consequence of the litigation) and it seems we have a decision as the big daddy US appeal court found in favour of Apple.

Apple’s opponent Samsung has according to the Appeal Court infringed two of Apple’s iPhone patents and was ordered to cease all US imports although they will be allowed to continue with some of their products.

William Lee, of the law firm WilmerHale, told the US court of appeals in Washington: “Apple spent five years and $5bn to develop a product and it was a revolutionary product. Samsung said: ‘We can copy it easily.’ They spent three months to bring a product to market.”

On the other hand Samsung’s lawyer Kathleen Sullivan argued that monetary compensation would be an adequate remedy for any infringement.

The victory seems to be fairly comprehensive as the previous jury found that 26 of Samsung’s products violated six Apple patents. Now some 23 of the 26 disputed products have been withdraw from the market and Apple is licking its lips as it seeks to maximise its position after what can only be said to be a difficult last 18 months.

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