Apple files patent to ensure safety for gamers who use HMD.

It seems Apple are not only keen to sell products to consumers, but to also make them last, as they ensure to prioritise gamer safety, as shown by a recent patent application. This is specific to gamers whom endorse themselves in virtual reality, through the use of a head mounted device (HMD). The tech giant’s patent filing states that a user may be so immersed in their virtual environment, that when moving around they could collide with a potentially dangerous object, or piece of furniture, in their physical environment.

Apple have therefore looking to create a feature, on the headset, which will be able to determine if the user is too close to a physical object. If so, the HMD will display a visual effect in the virtual reality environment, to alert the gamer or user of the physical obstacle’s presence. It will not display itself as a warning, as that will disrupt the user and cause them to remove the HMD to estimate for themselves how close the object is. Instead, it will place an object in the virtual world, with the same proximity and distance as the real, physical object.

However, if that fails to ensure user safety, Apple have an alternative idea, which will consist of the HMD displaying a video or image of the physical environment around the user, once again allowing them to see the exact obstacle in the way, without removing the virtual reality device. Whether the patent is granted or not, the idea remains a good and useful feature, as gamers could easily get carried away, whether its swinging their arms, or carrying out rapid, agile moves. Such safety feature would be great for Apple’s HMD.

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