Zara takes on UK namesake shop in brand name dispute

Fashion giant Zara has taken aim at a Darlington based clothing shop over the branding, as it claims its too similar to their registered trade marks.

The shop in question is called House of Zana and was opened by  Amber Kotrri who opened her shop in 2019 after trading online initially.

Zara first intervened through the UK Intellectual Property Office by opposing an application filed by Kotrri while trying to protect her brand name as a trade mark. The opposition followed an initial cease and desist letter, in which Zara claimed that ‘House of Zana’ was too similar to their brands and likely to cause confusion. As the request for a rebrand was refused, the opposition was filed.

As House of Zana is a specialist business that provides handmade kimonos, the owner Amber feels there cannot be confusion with such a global brand like Zara and they will be fighting the opposition.

It will be for the UK Intellectual Property Office to make the decision, but the big question here will be about confusion. In order for the opposition to be successful, Zara will need to evidence that there is a likelihood the public will be confused into thinking there is a connection between House of Zana and their brand.

With such a strong reputation, the cards may be in their favour, but it will be very interesting to see the final decision. Keep your eye on the reading room for an update once the decision has been issued.

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