YouTube to take on TV in US

In a bid to match up to the big networks in the US, YouTube known for its leading presence online is moving in on US TV Networks territory.

YouTube has announced the launch of a $35 a month TV subscription service which has got networks such as CBS, Fox and NBC worried.

In the statement released explaining the launch, YouTube’s product management director describes the new service as live TV for the YouTube generation.

“Those who want to watch what they want, when they want, how they want, without commitments.”

Its launch is imminent with an application appearing on smart TV’s and mobile devices by late spring.

While there is no plans for the service to be launched beyond the US, if the service is a roaring success, all cable companies across the internet heavy countries are under fire.

YouTube is a strong brand with very high level of recognition this will have a big pull, especially on the younger generations. This may be the end of cable TV as we know it.

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