YouTube makes changes for better copyright compliance

With recent changes in EU copyright law being a hot topic, companies such as YouTube are firmly under the spotlight.

They are under increasing pressure to ensure copyright compliance on their site and ensure they are doing all they can to make sure users of their site are doing the same.

With the new directive introducing rules which render them directly responsible for the intentions of their users, YouTube have had to really step up.

In an attempt to do so, they have recently announced some changes.

Previously YouTube operated an automatic copyright claim system, which was criticised by many users for its lack of accuracy and generally not being fit for purpose.

This week, CEO Susan Wojcicki has announced that a manual system will be introduced.

Previously, a user need only indicate a whole video which contains copyright infringing work. This led to whole videos being taken down rather than targeting the specific infringing part.

Now, the copyright owner must provide a timestamp showing exactly where in a video their copyright has been infringed. This aids the potential infringer who can now see exactly what is being claimed and allows them to more accurately defend their position if needed.

YouTube also say this will help solve the issue of over-claiming and those who claim for the sake of it. They say that anyone who is noted continuously making false claims will have their right to claim revoked through the manual system.

There have also been some changes to the resolution process. As per the previous system, the infringing material either needed to be removed altogether or the revenue for the whole video would be given to the copyright owner. This made it costly and time consuming for creators.

Now the system will allow the creator to amend the small section of the video to remove the infringing part- rather than affecting the whole video.

These changes are welcome from both copyright owners and creators and should allow the system to work better.

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