YouTube converter website hit by record label action

In order to crack down on copyright infringement, a number of the world’s largest record labels have started an action against a website facilitating the direct infringement of hit music.

The website is a converter site that allows users easily to take the audio from videos on YouTube and save them permanently on their electronic devices. In other words, it allows users to get a copy of their favourite song without having to pay a penny.

The increased use of this illegal downloading will in turn reduce the purchase of legitimate sources of music.

Something record labels are not happy about.

Therefore Universal, Sony, Warner Bros and other labels have submitted an action in the US against the operator of this website that is based in Germany.

The outcome they are looking for from this action is compensation, including a sum of $150,000 for every alleged instance of copyright infringement.

With 60 million users per month, according the labels claim, the amount owed if they are successful does not bear thinking about.

In addition, of course they want the site removed and a ban on any facilitating of its access in the future.

In addition to the US action, the BPI who represents UK record labels have also taken action against the site putting it on formal notice of intended legal action in the UK if they do not cease in their activities.

Therefore, following this case, it may seem that the free downloading of music content will be a thing of the past, pushing for the proper payment for copyright content.

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