Youngsters joining gangs becoming more popular

In Britain, there is almost 50,000 young children mostly in their teens joining dangerous and criminally active gangs. These numbers have been hitting a record high as well as knife crime rising just as much.

The figures have been related to the kids being exposed to many problems with their daily life and lifestyle as they aren’t being raised properly. This may be due to the input of the parents to the child which cause them to join gangs as they possibly feel safer and calmer away from influenced parents.

Some of the problems the children who join gangs face are poverty and high-risk family situations and these problems ultimately shape young teens futures and choices in later life.

Shocking results show that 12,000 children are living with parents who are being treated for drug problems and 15,000 children live with parents with alcohol issues.

The authorities try their best to change the children’s lives but many stay under the radar and are too scared to open up the truth otherwise it may cost their life being not ‘loyal’ to the gang. So, they go back to killing each other to survive.

Children who do want to leave the gang life try their best to get away but most of the time the opportunity runs away.

Jennifer Blake, a former gang leader who is now a counsellor for young people has recently said “The system has never worked, the resources have never gone to the right place. It’s frustrating when we see the rise in youth violence, want to turn one way but the door is closed on them”.

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