WWE copyright fight against BitTorrent

Another in a long line of copyright claims relating to BitTorrent, WWE have issued a claim against a group of the sites users.

BitTorrent is a site which allows users to gain access to films, music and TV shows which are protected by copyright and should be paid for, for free. This is an illegal downloading/streaming site that has been subject to a large number of takedowns. However, it seems that as soon as one is taken down, another of the same site pops up.

This makes it almost impossible for the copyright owners to get a grip of the issue.

Coupled with the site, BitTorrent has a protocol which allows the sharing of files from one person to another very easily.

WWE’s copyright claim is in relation to the exploitation of this site.

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) released an action thriller film in 2016 called ‘Eliminators’.

They are claiming that a group of users of the site have ‘unlawfully acquired, reproduced and distributed the film’ which has infringed their copyright protection.

WWE must have learnt from previous attempts as there are no mention of the owners of the site in their claim, only the group of users.

WWE are claiming for actual damages, statutory damages of $150,000 per infringement as well as their legal costs.

It will be interesting to see if they are successful. It may open the doors for others to make future claims against the facilitator users of BitTorrent.

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