Would you forget about your Bitcoin stash?

If that question is asked to anyone today, the answer would be no, especially as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is such a hot topic.

However, if you acquired your bitcoin before bitcoin became popular, your stash may have slipped your mind.

This is exactly what happened to rapper 50 Cent.

In 2014, he released an album calld ‘Animal Ambition’ for which he was the first artist to accept bitcoin as payment.

As a result of this, 50 Cent received more than 700 bitcoins.

However, his big stash of bitcoin slipped his mind as the years went by.

His stash is now worth more than $7 million, at the rate in which the currency is now.

At the time 50 Cent received the Bitcoins, they were worth around $662 each.

After making the discovery, the rapper explained the story online.

With the volatile nature of Bitcoin at the moment, 50 Cent better get selling those coins, to cash in on his brainwave of the past.

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