World Famous popstar loses US Court Case

Beyoncé Knowles has lost a Trade Mark infringement lawsuit against defendant’s Andre Maurice and Leana Lopez. On April 2016 the famous star believed that the defendants were using her name and global brand to sell their merchandise with the word ‘Feyoncé’ because of its similarity and decided to file a suit against them.

However, the US District Court stated that although they could acknowledge the similarity between the words, they believed that the word ‘Feyoncé’ was only a play on words and not being used to confuse fans into buying what they believed to be a Beyoncé branded product. Furthermore, the majority of customers of the Defendant’s products were engaged which backed up that they were being sold due to the pun and not the similarity.Â

They have dismissed the case and asked for both parties to come to a settlement.

The case is known as Knowles-Carter et al v. Maurice et al, 1:16-cv-02532 (SDNY).

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