Woody Allen makes £52m claim against Amazon over new film


Woody Allen, film legend and at the young age of 88yrs old, has hit internet giant Amazon with a £68m breach of contract claim over his new film, A Rainy Day in New York.

The two had a contract under which Amazon have released two of Allen’s latest films and also distributed his TV series, Crisis in Six Scenes.

However, in relation to Allen’s latest effort, this has been dropped by Amazon.

The claim states that the reason for Amazon pulling out of the deal with in respect of an old accusation made against Allen in respect of sexual misconduct with his adopted daughter in 1992.

Allen claims that Amazon knew about this from the beginning of the contract and therefore this is not enough of a basis for Amazon to pull out of the deal at this stage.

Allen is claiming £52 million in damages which is an eyewatering amount.

This is not the first time the film has received some adverse response, as many of the actors distanced themselves from the film in direct reaction to the historic assault claims.

It is likely that this matter will be settled behind closed doors but is certainly casts a question mark over Woody Allen’s future.

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