Witness Statements – Advantages of Early Preparation

Advantages of early preparation of a witness statement for an Employment Tribunal hearing

Early preparation of a witness statement is crucial for the following reasons:

  • Recollections of events are recorded while events are fresh in a claimants mind (before they are subjected to a challenge).
  • A claimant has time think over the events that have occurred, these are then presented in a logical, clear and concise manner.
  • A claimant is given ample opportunity to consider documents referred to in their statement.
  • Having had the opportunity to review the statement, the claimant is comfortable with what they have said and will not be coerced into saying something they do not mean.
  • The claimants representative can identify areas of concern at an early stage, in order to prepare the claimant to be able to deal with them effectively at the hearing.

Before the hearing witness statements are exchanged with the respondent’s representatives, a claimant is then given the opportunity to respond to the comments made by the respondent/on behalf of the respondent. A claimants comments on these statements assists greatly in preparation for the hearing.

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