Win for Arlene Foster against Dr Christian over defamation tweet

As previously detailed on the reading room, TV’s Dr Christian came under fire for a tweet posted about Northern Ireland First Minister Arlene Foster.

The tweet which was published on 23 December 2019 accusing Mrs Foster of having a extra-marital affair.

The defamation claim over the tweet was filed with the High Court in Belfast who this week made a decision on the claim.

The Judge in the claim fell in favour of Mrs Foster and described the libel as ‘outrageous’ and ‘grossly defamatory’. The Judge also said the tweet had attacked Mrs Foster’s “integrity at a most fundamental level” and involved the “trashing in a very public fashion” the relationship which was most important in her life.

In respect of Dr Christian, the judge had highlighted his failure to engage with legal proceedings, and also failure to remove the post when requested, which stayed on twitter for over two weeks.

Due to the seriousness of the libel and a lack of engagement with legal proceedings, the Court awarded Mrs Foster £125,000 in damages as well as legal costs.

This highlights the figures that can be involved when it comes to defamation online. If you are concerned about something that has been said or written about you, please get in touch to discuss with our team today.

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