Why Use an IP Solicitor


A solicitor that specialises intellectual property will have extensive experience of the registration of trade marks, the enforcement and management of intellectual property rights and how to utilise intellectual property rights to create a commercial advantage, whether it be through effective licensing or through other means.

By using a solicitor to carry out searches on trade mark databases, you will receive a report that you can rely on based on their expert knowledge of trade mark law, beyond what you could do yourself.

When registering a trade mark, by using a solicitor they will know how to maximize the registrability of the mark and make sure that your mark has the best possible chance of being registered.

Large businesses are generally well versed in trade mark law however for the rest of us it can be a little confusing, that is why it is recommended to use a solicitor, they will detail with what classes you will need to register in and what subclasses you should have to maximise the protection your trade mark gives in the most cost effective manner.

More importantly by using an intellectual property solicitor, it takes the hassle out of registering a trade mark and you can concentrate on running your business.

A solicitor knows the importance of intellectual property rights needed beyond the borders of your home country. A solicitor will recommend the best places to register your IP rights based on where you wish to trade internationally to make sure that in the unfortunate case of infringement you can enforce those rights.


In the worst case scenario, someone copies your brand a solicitor will be able to advise you on the best course of action. They routinely deal with intellectual property infringement and will be well versed in the procedure and the law to get the best result for clients. By using a professional, results will be achieved quickly and in a cost effective manner- contrary to popular belief.


If you are caught unaware that you have been infringing another’s intellectual property rights, this can be very distressing, a solicitor can take the worry out of your hands, deal directly with the rights holder and consider defences for your actions, and this can include the questioning of validity of the intellectual property right, a settlement, licence or litigation.

Domain Names and the internet

The internet is a vast omnipotent space, and similar domain names cause confusion to customers. It is well know that fraudsters will register for similar domain names as famous companies and offer it to them for a ‘reasonable price’, or in a more damaging move, begin trading under the similar domain name, which will affect the goodwill associated with the brand. A solicitor can deal with this problem, and can force the owner of the similar domain to transfer it and get damages for the infringement of the intellectual property rights.

Infringement on the internet is huge and frequently occurs on sites like Facebook, Amazon, eBay and other well known sites that cause damage to businesses and confuse the public.

To summarise, by using a professional you will achieve an effective result across the whole of intellectual property management and achieve the best result for businesses and individuals.Â


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