Why a trade mark can be a great investment in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way in which people provide services and goods globally. More companies and entrepreneurs have had to invest in creating or strengthening their online presence in order to provide virtual services or sell their goods online.

Having a strong brand presence online is essential to making your products distinguishable, memorable and easier for potential customers to find you. A great way to do this is to have and register a trade mark.

A trade mark can serve as something that makes your product or services instantly recognisable. It can take the form of a logo, sound, word, slogan, colour shade or packaging shape.

With the increase use of social media in marketing, a registered trade mark can be used effectively to market your brand on various social media platforms, adding to your business’ image and goodwill.

A registered trade mark in time can become a valuable asset for a business that is protected in law. If a trade mark owner’s rights are infringed, there are legal remedies available including a payment for damages to the owner. Hence, it adds a layer of protection to a business.

A key feature of a trade mark is that is must be distinctive. Additionally, it must not infringe the rights of another owner’s trade mark. Thus, it is always a good idea to seek legal advice prior to registering a trade mark to minimise your risk to future opposition and trade mark infringement claims.

Please feel free to call Lawdit’s Intellectual Property Team to discuss any points raised in this article further.

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