Who am I dealing with?

When you make an online purchase how do you know who you are dealing with? The short answer is that more often than not, you don’t.

If you are dealing with a business which sells anything on-line, advertises, offers information or date then it is under an obligation to ensure that its website is in-line with various legislation not least the E Commerce Directive.

The Directive imposes a wide range of rules and regulations but arguably the most important one is the minimum information requirements.

The Directive insists that certain information must be made available on a website. These include name and e-mail address of the service provider company registration number place of company registration details of any trade memberships and VAT number amongst other things.

It is then prudent to ensure that any website that you use holds similar information to that above i.e. is there a clear contact number, is it based in your country, is there a phone number, does the website have its own terms and conditions.

As someone once said, “no one on the internet knows you are a dog” and therefore you must be careful who you deal with and how.

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