What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Our first piece of advice to any person wanting to start their own business is to develop their brand and protect it.

By registering your brand name, logo and slogan as trade marks, this allows you to build a reputation to be proud of and prevent any other person trying to get in your way of being a success.

However, once your mark is registered, the work does not stop there as the brand must be watched and monitored to ensure there is no third party trying to take advantage that you are not aware of.

When you are selling a product on the internet, this can be a never-ending task with product listings popping up by their thousands every day.

This is where Amazon Brand Registry steps in. By signing up to Amazon Brand Registry, Amazon will recognise your brand as a registered trade mark and give you access to tools and support to reduce the number of intellectual property infringements.

In order to sign up for the Amazon Brand Registry, there are a number of criteria for you to comply with.

In order for your brand to be accepted, you must have a fully registered mark which includes the words of your brand name, either as a word mark or as part of a logo. This registered trade mark must be registered in the UK or the EU.
If you have used the services of Lawdit Solicitors to register your brand, we will receive an email from Amazon when you register which will include a unique code to enable you to finish the sign-up process.

While you can report potential trade mark infringement without being part of the Amazon Brand Registry through Amazon’s universal system, the Amazon Brand Registry is a good way of securing your position in preventing any copycats in a straightforward and secure way.

If you would like to get the ball rolling on protecting your brand, please get in touch with the Lawdit team today.

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