What is a trade mark ?

A Trade mark is a sign which is capable of being represented graphically and which can be connected to various goods or services. A trade mark can be a collection of words, or shapes, or even sounds. It must be distinctive. A trademark is a sign which is capable of distinguishing you from other traders.

You can protect your brand from other people using the protected name or logo.

A trade mark can last indefinitely as long as its renewed every 10 years. You can licence the trademarks to others.

A trademark should be distinctive instead of descriptive. Use of the symbol ‘TM’ does not provide any benefits and its best to use (r) although don’t use it where the mark is not registered as it’s a criminal offence.

Examples of trade marks:-

Nike, McDonalds, British Airways, Richer Sounds, Lawdit, Marks & Spencer – some well known and famous marks.

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