Weight Watchers take action against copy app couple

Weight Watchers, one of the leading brands who claim to be the influence for many in the UK to lose weight and become healthier.

WW have taken action against a couple in the UK who has developed an app as an aide to weight loss. They claim the app has infringed their patents and trade marks.

The app and couple in question are Chris and Nella Founds, who are based in Cambridge, and their app ‘Ultimate Food Value Diary’.

For a one-off fee, through the Founds’ app, a customer can use a food tracker, database, calculator and scanner to aide them in their weight loss journey.

Along with a number of Weight Watcher trade marks, WW claim the app is infringing their patents protecting their ‘points’ system which allows users to allocate a point value to foods to control their food intake of the week.

The claim states “the infringing product is designed to mimic Weight Watchers’ system without requiring users to join, by allowing its users to track and calculate Weight Watchers points values assigned to food items and daily activities for purposes of weight loss and management.”

With over 50,000 android downloads and over 350,000 happy customers, this is a weight loss aid that WW wants to put a stop to as soon as possible.

The claim asks for triple damages, fees and costs.

Time will tell if Weight Watchers will succeed.

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