Website terms the basics and why

The legal issues concerning setting up a website.

As you have an internet presence you will need to ensure that you are covered from a contractual point of view. You have issues concerning whether the website seeks to interact with customers on a B2B or B2C basis or whether it is simply a promotional or brochure website.

Over the years I have settled on two form of website terms. The first covers both terms from a B2B or B2C perspective. Here you would have two sets of terms. One set for the actual contract where consideration is required. The other where you are simply browsing. Where you have a promotional or brochure site all you would need is the browsing terms.

This can be more easily explained thus:

1. B2B/B2C website

I recommend you have the following legal documentation :-

a. Website use policy – this would cover the browsing of the website- ie customer in the shop ‘lookin to purchase’

b. Website terms and conditions – this would cover the contractual position and sale of goods and services

c. Privacy/Data Protection Notice- essential to explain what you do with the collected data

d. Security Policy – essential to explain how to protect the data

e. IP notices – assert your IP and who owns what

2. Brochure website

All the above save for b.

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