Website information – what to include on your website

If you provide an online service you must make the following information available to your customers…some of it is obvious but worth a note in any event.

Your name including email address and where you are based. A method in which you can be contacted in a ‘direct’ and ‘effective’ way.

In accordance with day Case C-298/07: Bundesverband der Verbraucherzentralen und Verbraucherverbände v deutsche internet versicherung AG. You must also offer a non-electronic means of communication where your customer, after first contacting you electronically finds that there is no Internet and requests a non-electronic means of communication…ie by phone!

How many UK companies fails on this level?

If you are a limited company in addition to the above you must provide your company registration number, any authorisation scheme, and details of the relevant supervisory authority and finally your VAT registration number.
(Regulation 6(1), E-commerce Regulations.)

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