Watch out: Twitter considering paid membership

Leading the way potentially for other social media platforms, Twitter are considering a paid membership.

After having issues with increasing their user base at the rate at which it grew from the site’s launch, Twitter are looking to increase interest.

The paid membership would be for businesses and would allow access to an enhanced version of the system including the Tweetdeck, which is Twitter’s interface to allow a higher level of functionality than the standard site.

This will allow the site to gain a new stream of revenue to make up for the deficit caused by other social media platforms, such as Snapchat who are growing in popularity.

As a free service, Twitter are struggling to continue to grow their income as their main source of income is advertising. While the online advertising industry is growing, Twitter are struggling to grow in line with this.

There is no indication that this fee will move on to regular users but if businesses can see the benefit of using the paid system, this will allow the site to grow allowing the benefits to move on to the regular users.

There has been no major information regarding the fee or whether it will be worth it. For businesses to get on board, it will need to be worthwhile.

As it stands, many social media platforms are free to use, so it will be interesting to see how much of an impact it will have and how much it will attract interest.

This will either revolutionise the site or be its ultimate downfall.

Only time will tell, watch this space!

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