Watch out rights’ holder Zona is here. The reality of the pirates.Whack-a-mole

So whilst the PIPCU officers are right to warn off potential advertisers who have perhaps unwittingly supported these sites, websites like Zona make these attempts look feeble at best as Zona and similar sites raise the bar in the piracy battle.Â

Zona will be attractive to those users as it seems to have access to thousands of movies. It is estimates that there are some 500,000 torrents available.Â

Its hard to imagine now a world without torrents and file sharing and its hard to imagine a world without the Internet so we are stuck with this sites and no matter how hard we try to prevent their use and absue they will continue to be used specifically by the youth.

The authorities have zero chance of stamping it out. Perhaps PIPCU’s approach is a good one and hits the owners hard in their advertising budgets. and crucially we need to attack the demand and broaden the scope and licensing structures of music and move sites. But generally welcome to whack-a-mole!

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