Wanted, Alive and in Court

A boxing promotion company has taken to social media to track down a copyright pirate that has been allegedly steaming their events online.

Duco Events, a leading boxing promoter in the Asia Pacific region, has taken to chasing a copyright pirate on Facebook.

James Bryant informed the NZ Herald that he intended to stream a Duco Boxing event earlier this year. The statement lead to a private investigation with an investigator being dispatched to Bryant’s parents’ house to serve court papers, however, he was not there.

Bryant said in an interview “They’ve called me twice, and they told me that it’s getting serious now, that it was too big to go away”. Bryant went on to say “I have been on holiday for the last few months and they are not doing a very good job at finding me”.

This has not gone down too well with Duco Events, in a final round attempt they have used their Facebook page to seek out Bryant. On their page they have offered $1000 for the first person to message the page with Bryants correct address, however, they must be able to serve the court papers before the $1000 can be claimed.

Bryant has responded by starting a fund- raiser that has two aims: firstly, to fight Duco Events and secondly, to set up a new streaming service.It appears that it could be a long round between the two.

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