Wagatha Christie WAGS at war Trial starts today!

Reaching the peak of proceedings, the defamation trial between Colleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy starts in the High Court this week.

This matter has been going on for a while and has only increased in media attention and public interest as it has progressed.

In essence, Colleen Rooney has made claims on social media that someone was feeding private information to the Sun Newspaper. After some investigation work, she announced on her social media pages that the culprit was Rebecca Vardy.

In response, Rebecca Vardy filed a claim for libel against Rooney, stating that the accusations were false, and they would damage her reputation.

Neither party has backed down during proceedings despite pleadings from the Court, due to the high level of costs that will be payable in this case. Both parties are running at a loss, even the winner, as they will only be able to recover 70% of their costs. Even with damages being awarded, this would not be enough to cover the shortfall.

It’s been clear from early on, this matter is not about money. Its about recognition and fame.

For Coleen to be successful in defending the claim, it must be proven that Vardy herself provided the information to the Sun or directly ordered one of her team to do it on her behalf. If the team did it on their own, Vardy is in the clear.

The pretrial hearing earlier this year already stirred up some controversy as it was admitted that a phone owned by Vardy’s Agent was ‘dropped’ in the North Sea while she was on a boat, a few days after it was requested to be handed in for forensic examination.

In addition, Vardy did admit that she now believes that the stories were provided to the Sun by her agent but was adamant this was done with her knowledge.

Keep your eye on the reading room for the action as it happens!

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