Vtech data hack affects millions

The protection of customers’ data has never been more in the forefront of companies’ minds as another well-known organisation has had a substantial breach of their security system.

Vtech, the established educational toy seller has confirmed that an estimated five million customers has had their information compromised.

The hack targeted their learning lodge app, which is available across the world; therefore the customers affected are widespread. It is thought the key countries affected are the USA, UK, France and China.

After being informed of the breach by a journalist, Vtech has confirmed the data hacked included name, email address, encrypted password, secret question and answer for password retrieval, IP address, mailing address, and download history.

It is also believed information in relation to children has also been accessed by hackers

Tod Beardsley, the security engineering manager at Rapid7, an internet security firm, highlights the issues facing businesses currently in relation to data security, stating in relation to Vtech “It’s tough to be both a toy manufacturer and a mature technology company with a robust security program.”

Many big businesses, not just Vtech, have recently been affected by data breaches, so it has never been more important to be wary of your data and where it is going.

A breach of your personal data can be very problematic.

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