Volvo have applied to patent a steering wheel which is set to slide from side to side.

The car manufacturer has recently applied for a patent, which if approved could be witnessed in its future vehicles. It is set to potentially enable a passenger to move the steering wheel away, in order to have more space when the vehicle is stationed. The future for all vehicles is seeing many potential inventions which aim to ensure comfort, practicality and ease for the driver, and even for the car itself, as the process of driving without human intervention is in the works. Although we aren’t likely to see all road vehicles incorporating those mechanisms in the near- future, Volvo still appear keen to be one step ahead of the game.

The patent application was submitted at the end of September, with explanations that the feature could also enable for easy transition between left-hand and right-hand-drive, depending upon different jurisdictions. As per the patent, further details suggest that a driver would be enabled to take control of the vehicle if needed, even if they aren’t seated in the driver’s seat, and there’s no need to worry about the foot controls those are potentially set to be adjustable too.

There is absolutely no certainty that this feature would even be produced, as it is a long commitment to ensure such vehicle would be safe on the road. This patent application isn’t the first of it’s type either, as other car manufacturer’s, including BMW, have assessed methods of making the steering wheel disappear when not in use.

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