Virtual Reality: Virtually impossible to refuse with Apple’s new designs?

Apple is renowned for their innovative and unique technology creations, from their Apple watch that tracks your heart rate, to their futuristic airpods; their no-wire feature taking the technology world by storm.

With the global pandemic forcing the population to turn to online technology for their realities, the concept of Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular. Boasting three dimensional, computer generated surroundings, whereby the user and/or wearer can explore the altered reality through a headset, and often, hand-held remotes. The virtual environment engulfs the person into the computer world through actions, sounds and touch, enabling the player to move and operate objects, talk to online characters and watch scenes unfold.

Technology addicts will be thrilled. The sought-after $900 billion technology company, Apple, have rumours circulating of their firm’s discussions with virtual reality and augmented reality teams regarding the discussion and creation of their own Virtual Reality Headset. The information leak suggests that the company would be in competition with virtual reality headsets led by Sony and OCULUS. However, this product is not suspected to be lower-market, whispered to be around $3,000 (approx £2,000), leaving their purchasers out of pocket to be taken to an alternative, online universe.

While the leading VR headsets are approximately 10 times cheaper than Apple’s leaked creation, it is suspected that Apple’s technology and features are due to be significantly superior in comparison.

With reports suggesting that the new VR headset will present more than 12 eye-tracking technology cameras that will enhance both the wearer’s game play, and their real-time videos. While rumours have previously circulated regarding possible, yet non-existent thus far, Apple glasses, the headset is deemed to look more like goggles; differentiating from the traditional VR headset of a large inside screen only visible by the wearer. They are also expected to have apple-watch-style interchangeable bands for both comfort and personalization, including a mesh fabric for wearability.

Technology fans will be pleased to know the rumours of their possible launch have been focused in 2022. However, there has been no direct confirmation of this from Apple. Stay tuned for any emerging information regarding the, already anticipated, Apple VR headsets.

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