Virgin enforce monopoly on the word ‘Virgin

Virgin enterprises has sent Vasse Virgin a cease and desist letter

The company believes that customers might get confused and associate Vasse Virgin products with its renowned global brand.

The local company has 23 staff and produces olive oil based food, soap and skin-care products.

Co-owner Edwina Scherini said Vasse Virgin recently tried to register their logo (which has been used since 2009) as a trade mark. The Virgin Group has objected to the application, claiming the exclusive right to use the word ‘Virgin’.

Virgin has lodged a submission with the Australian Intellectual Property Office and Vasse Virgin needs to make a submission by 10 June.

Vasse Virgin launched a survey, which asked if the public associated its products with the Virgin Group.

It is clear that the Virgin brand is global and unmistakable but in terms of olive oil ‘Virgin’ it is an accepted term for the type of oil and therefore a manufacturer of olive oil should be able to include this in their brand name.

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